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Richard Hulmes, Dockside Kayak Cradle The idea of the Dock-Side Cradle™ came after the creator, Richard Holmes retiree and his wife Shirley, found it difficult for themselves and their family to enter and exit their kayaks on Lac Le Jeune in British Columbia, Canada.

The Dock-Side Cradle provides a means of safely and easily entering and exiting a kayak or canoe from a dock. Kayaks, in particular, are very "tippy" when their center of gravity is raised, as happens when you are getting in or out.

If you have access to a sandy beach with a gentle slope into the water, then you can get in or out on solid ground and the problem is resolved. However, if you are getting in from a dock with the kayak sitting in the water, the problem is very difficult. To avoid capsizing, you must transfer your body weight to the lateral center line of the watercraft. If you do not put it there and keep it there, you are going to end up very wet.

The developer of the Dock-Side Cradle obtained two kayaks on retirement. He thought kayaking on the lake at their lakefront property would be great recreation for him and his wife. Unfortunately, the bank to the water in front of their home is steep and rocky, so getting into the kayak had to be done from their dock. After about ten very frustrating attempts, which all led to the bottom of the Lake, the seller was notified that he would have to take back the kayaks as there was no way they could be used. Instead, the seller came out to the Lake from town and held the kayaks firmly against the side of the dock so that they could be boarded.

This experience led to the development of Dock-Side Cradle. Many people have contributed to the design including neighbours at the Lake, family and friends who have used the cradle, as well as the manufacturer, the engineer who produced the drawings, and the patent lawyer. Their assistance is gratefully acknowledged.

This vision led to the Dock-Side Cradle™ design (patent pending) that has been tested in Lac Le Jeune and is now available to you.

We hope that this product brings a new level of safety and enjoyment to your kayaking and canoeing experience.

Please feel free to browse through our website to learn more about   Dock-Side Kayak Cradle.

Happy Paddling!
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