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Thank you for choosing Dock-Side Cradle.

We hope you enjoy many years of service from your new Dock-Side Kayak Cradle.

Choose your model and place your order. The 12 foot - 3 rib model is strong enough for normal use. The 12 foot 3 rib model is stable enough and strong enough for almost all users. It is only if a very rigid platform is required that we would recommend the extra expense of the 5 rib model.

The 5 rib model was our first design but in our tests we have found the less expensive 3 rib model to perform very well. We recommend the heavy duty 5 rib model only if a very rigid platform is required. Check out with Paypal and we will contact you to complete the order.

S & H and applicable taxes will be determined when the order is completed. Before completing your order, please read our Terms and Conditions of Order and check the box provided to indicate that you have done so. (This page will appear after you click the purchase button below...)

Model Assembly Price Buy
12 Foot - 3 Rib fully assembled $1,495.00 Buy Now
12 Foot - 3 Rib without 2x4 cedar guides $1,295.00 Buy Now
12 Foot - 5 Rib fully assembled $2,195.00 Buy Now
12 Foot - 5 Rib without 2x4 cedar guides $1,895.00 Buy Now

After 1000 uses the cost of the cradle per use will vary from $1 to $2 depending on which model is purchased. Since the expected lifetime of the cradle is much longer than 1000 uses, the cost per use will eventually fall to a very insignificant amount.

Order Details

All prices include stainless steel lag bolts (2"x3/8" or 3"x3/8") for attaching the cradle to the dock (the width of the wood to which it is to be attached needs to be specified), and stainless steel bolts, washers and self-locking nuts for attaching the 2x4's to the support arms of the cradle. The cedar 2x4's need to be treated with Thompson's Water Seal or a similar product. These are provided if the fully assembled model is purchased, but are the responsibility of the buyer if the cradle is purchased without the 2x4 cedar guides.

The completely assembled cradle can be picked up at our US warehouse in Stanwood Washington (a trailer or full-size pick-up is needed), or it can be delivered and installed within 200 miles of Stanwood. Delivery and installation rates start at $250.00 within 50 miles of Stanwood. The "Without 2x4 Cedar Guides" version can also be picked up at our Stanwood warehouse or it can be shipped anywhere in the world. We strongly recommend the "Without 2x4 Cedar Guides" version for shipping because of its much smaller packaging size. All that is required with this version is the purchase of two 2x4s (we recommend cedar) and the pre-drilling of pilot holes in the wood (using the drilled holes in the bottom of the ribs as guides). (The stainless steel hardware, the drilled, bent and welded ribs and the attachable railing are all included in the shipment). Detailed assembly instructions are provided (on this website under Assembly) for use by purchasers of the "Without 2x4 Cedar Guides" model, and our customer service will be available for assistance, if needed at 1-800-405-7433 (10 AM to 4 PM Pacific Standard time).

Before an order can be filled, we need to know whether your dock is fixed or floating, and the distance from the top of your dock to the water, the length of your dock, the thickness of wood on the dock where the cradle will be attached and whether you will be attaching the cradle to the right or left side of your dock (as you face the water). If we do not obtain these 5 pieces of information along with your order we will contact you to obtain it. (Note:The distance from the top of the dock to the water should be measured on a calm day when there is no interference with the measurement from waves.)

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