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Welcome to Dockside Cradle

Finally, a safe and easy way to enter and exit a kayak or canoe from your dock.......

                                                                                                             DOCKSIDE KAYAK CRADLE

The idea of the Dock-Side Cradleâ„¢ came after the creator, Richard Holmes retiree and his wife Shirley, found it difficult for themselves and their family to enter and exit their kayaks on Lac Le Jeune in British Columbia, Canada.

The dock-side cradle is designed for getting into and out of kayaks and canoes more easily and more safely. If you fear capsizing when getting into or out of your kayak or canoe, and own or have access to a floating dock, the dock-side cradle is for you.           More of the story

We hope that this product brings a new level of safety and enjoyment to your kayaking and canoeing experience.

                                       As Featured In The Seattle Times!     read more

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